Our Curriculum

Our Grow, Blossom and Flourish Curriculum For Learning is carefully constructed around the needs and requirements of our children. It takes into account: the skills and interests of our teachers, the locality and community of the school, the relationships between the school and other institutions, the school’s place in the wider world and the responsibility of educating children to flourish in society.

Learning happens in our school because Subject Leaders and teachers:

  • Plan and teach learning sequences and associated activities using Grow, Blossom and Flourish progressions
  • Are very clear how the school curriculum, and within that individual subjects, build upon previous knowledge and encourage deep learning
  • Understand the value of key knowledge and understanding
  • Understand the value of key skills and vocabulary
  • Plan some subjects discreetly, to be delivered daily/weekly
  • Plan some subjects around a termly project so that the acquisition of knowledge and skills is purposeful and engaging
  • Use ‘Primary Provocations’ to encourage children to think deeply, ask questions, debate and have opinions
  • Use ‘Final Flourishes’ so that children can share and celebrate their learning