North Rigton Year Three and Four

Teaching Staff

Our Class teachers are Miss Ellis (who teaches Monday to Thursday), Mrs Mitchell (who teaches on a Thursday afternoon) and Mrs Butler (who teaches on a Friday).

Mrs Holder, Mr Rodrigues and Miss Bayman also support us with our learning.





School Theme We are Scientists

Provocation – ‘You are what you eat’
At the start of this project, the children and teacher will discuss statements linked to the provocation and what they think the primary provocation means. Thus, provoking the children to draw out:
·        What is means to be healthy? Healthy diet and a healthy mind.
·        Why we need to be healthy? (at the same time learning particularly about how the skeleton, muscles, digestive system are important for our bodies)
·        The link between the food being needed to keep parts of our bodies healthy
·        The link between food and drink being needed to keep our minds healthy
·        The link between how food can play a part in our cultures and our moral choices in life.
This will be set in the context of the children becoming ‘Health and Fitness’ advisors of the ‘YAWYE Nutrition team’ and using their knowledge of being healthy to guide people to living a healthier life. Clients will contact the team, giving them a summary of their issue and asking for advice. There will also be an opportunity for their team to design, make and evaluate their own ‘healthy snack’.
Through the context of different text types the children will learn to plan, draft, write, evaluate and edit their work. During the year, the children will develop grammatical skills through the text types taught. In particular this term, they will focus on the use of expanded noun phrases and powerful verbs through Descriptive recounts and Letter Writing. This will then be followed by the use of prepositions and adverbs to show when, where and how through Instructional Writing.
This term, the children will recap the spelling of the common exception words from Year 1 and 2 and the spelling patterns in Year 2. Following this, they will learn the Year 3 and 4 common exception words and spelling patterns in line with the Read Write Inc Spelling program.
There will be weekly handwriting practice to develop your child’s pencil grip, seating position and position of paper. The children will learn to use the diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters and increase the legibility, consistency and quality of their handwriting in all pieces of work.
Through guided reading and independent reading, the children will develop positive attitudes to reading and understanding of what they have read; develop skills to understand what they have read in books they can read independently; retrieve and record information from non-fiction; and participate in discussions about both books read to them and those read themselves. This term they will develop their ‘VIPERS’ skills through weekly Whole Class Guided Reading of George’s Marvellous Medicine.
Place value ; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division
See Numeracy Long Term Map 2021 2022 document for yearly overview.
Developing their knowledge, working scientifically skills and lines of enquiry through the Scientific area of the Human Body; including Nutrition, Teeth, Skeleton, muscles and the Digestive system. See ‘We are Scientists Overview Autumn 2021’ document for more information.
Designing, Making and Evaluating Healthy snacks – linked to Healthy Living Project.  See We are Scientists Overview Autumn 2021 document for more information.
Invasion Games – including developing skills and games within football, Tchoukball and Hockey.
Structured Dance and Pilates – linked to Healthy Living Project
Using a computer (including accessing documents and shortcuts; saving and retrieving documents and developing their typing skills)
Creating and publishing – Using a range of features on ‘Word’ to create documents collaboratively and independently.
Religious Education
What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?
What are the deeper meaning of festivals (focus will be on Christmas and Diwali)?
Personal, Social and Health Education
How can we eat well? (Focus on living a healthy life – healthy mind and body; and making the right choices in life)
What can we do about Bullying?


Useful Information

In Year 3 and 4, your child will either be reading a Coloured Reading Scheme book or will have been moved on to Free Choice Reading book by the Class teacher. It is important that as well as listening to your child read, you also ask questions about the content of what they are reading and the language that the author is using. If your child is reading a coloured reading scheme book, these will be sent home regularly to support the teaching of reading in school; please help your child to be a successful reader by practising reading on a daily basis when possible. If your child is reading a free choice book, they may choose to take one home from school or read one that they already have at home. All children will have a reading chart. Please remember to issue a sticker or signature each time they read at home and remember that there are prizes for every reading chart completed throughout the year.

On a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Mitchell will be teaching Personal, Social and Health Education and a Key Instant Recall Maths session. On a Friday, Mrs Butler will be teaching the class. She will be teaching Handwriting; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling; Whole Class Guided Reading and Religious Education.

On a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, the children will have PE lessons. On these days, please allow your child to come into school dressed in their sports clothes. Please can your child bring a spare pair of shoes in a plastic bag in case the field is muddy.

Please remember to send your child in to school with a coat, water bottle and hand sanitiser (optional) each day.


Useful Documents

Enjoy Learning Together at Home

As part of our school policy, children are encouraged to ‘Enjoy Learning Together at Home’ and learning opportunity grids can be found below. These include a list of suggested ways that you may choose to support your child at home. Also, please find links to useful resources for you to use at home if you wish to further your child’s enjoyment of learning at home.

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Busy Bees Home Learning Opportunities Autumn 2021

Year 3 and 4 Spellings

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100 Books to read for Year 3 and 4