All Saints Year One and Two

Teaching staff

In Saturn Class, we are taught by our teacher Miss Cromack and supported by Miss Lauren and Mrs Richards-Smith. On a Thursday, we are taught by Miss Brown.





Spring Term

Topic  Castles
Read Write Inc Phonics
Guided Reading
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Our Key Books:
Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants and Dragon Post
This term we will be exploring the above books. We will be writing our own adventures of Sir Scallywag, writing letters and creating our own poems on the theme of castles and dragons.
Addition and Subtraction (including money)
Multiplication and Division
Everyday materials and their uses
William the Conqueror
Journey of William from France to England
Bayeux Tapestry
The Battle of Hastings, 1066
Castles through time – sequence on timeline
Geographical location of castles
Parts of castles and their function
Castle floor plans
Castle life – banquets, jousting
Castle defence and attack
We will be exploring portraits and using a range of media to create our own. This study will be enhanced by exploring the work of our artist for this term – Paul Klee.
Female composers:
· Delia Derbyshire: Doctor Who theme
· Jean Sibelius: Finlandia
1st half term- Dance and Football
2nd half term – Netball and Tennis
E-safety and Technology in Our Lives
Handling Data
Religious Education
Who is Muslim and what do they believe?
Salvation – Why does Easter matter?
Personal, Social and Health Education
Money and Aspirations
Work and Careers


Useful Information

Reading: In Saturn class, we enjoy a positive reading environment in which books are enjoyed and shared by all. Pupils are given daily opportunities to listen to stories and read independently with an adult.  Every child takes part in Read Write Inc Guided Reading and Whole Class Guided Reading sessions. Please encourage your child to read at home daily with an adult. Having the opportunity to reread books helps the children develop their fluency and to read with a storyteller’s voice.  All children have a Home Reading Book pack and will be provided with two reading books to enjoy at home each week.  These books are closely matched the Phonics level each child is working at.  Reading books are swapped every Monday and returned to school on Thursdays so that they have time to be quarantined over the weekend.  You can access further reading eBooks at home through the Oxford Owl eBook Library.  Please ask Miss Cromack if you would like the Class Login.

Phonics:  In Saturn Class we follow Read Write Inc to teach Phonics.  In Year 1, the children will recap the Set 2 sounds and be introduced to Set 3.  In Year 2, the children will recap Set 3 sounds before moving on to the Year 2 spelling programme.  For further information on how to support your child with Read Write Inc Phonics at home, please take a look at:

In Saturn Class, we enjoy playing games to practise our Phonics learning.  We have access to Phonics Play which has lots of fun interactive games and activities that you can enjoy at home.  Please ask Miss Cromack if you would like the Class Login.

PE:  For this term, PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon and will take place on the field or playground.  Please send your child to school in their PE kit on these days.  In cold weather, please make sure their PE kit includes a warm outdoor top and waterproof.


Useful Documents

Saturn Class Newsletter Spring 2022


Curriculum: Please follow the links to….

Long Term Plan for Year 1 and 2 children 2020/2021 and 2021/2022

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Red Word List Y2


Useful websites to support learning about Castles:

BBC Bitesize

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