North Rigton Reception

Teaching Staff

Apples Class is taught by Mrs Down, the Apples class teacher. When Mrs Down is planning, Mrs Mitchell leads the learning.

Miss Bayman and Miss Vickers help to support the children in their work and play.



2024 Summer Term
‘We are’ Focus We are Scientists – ‘What would you do if you found an alien in your pant drawer?’
English RWI – Set 2 sounds (1 new sound a week)
Factual writing – naming, labelling and describing
Story telling – beginning, middle and end
Maths Number bonds to 20
Science/Geography/History Space, forces, planets and the solar system
How our bodies work
How plants grow
Art/DT/Textiles How different types of materials and media
can be used
Identify different methods of joining fabric
Computing Using our class screen, iPads and laptops
P.E Monday – Controlling our bodies and athletics skills
Friday – Throwing and catching leading into
bat and ball games
R.E (led by Mrs Mitchell) Which places are special and why?

Being special and finding where we belong

Personal, Social and Health Education (led by Mrs Mitchell) School Values



Useful Information

  • *Please note PE will be on Monday and Friday* – please ensure PE kit is worn to school for these days.
  • Reading books will be changed on a Thursday.
  • Please bring in a water bottle everyday.
  • We have access to the outdoor classroom whatever the weather so please ensure your child has a warm coat.


Useful Documents

A quick guide to the EYFS

What to expect – beginners guide to starting school

Speedy Green Words

Positive Relationships-understanding sustained shared thinking



Yr A Summer Project Apples