North Rigton Year Five and Six

Teaching Staff


Welcome to Tigers Class!

In our class we will be taught by Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Storey and supported by Mrs Hudson, Miss Bruno and Mrs Butler.

Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Storey – Class Teachers

Mrs Hudson – HLTA

Mrs Butler – HLTA

Miss Bruno – TA




Summer Term

‘We Are’ focus

We are Artists


Dictionary Definition of ‘illusion’: an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience


Key Texts:

Imagine a World – Rob Gonsalves

The Accidental Prime Minister – Tom McLaughlin

Writing Focus:

  • Setting descriptions
  • Balanced arguments
  • Newspaper reports
  • Shape poetry, calligrams and slam poetry


  • Measurement – time, scales
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Rounding
  • Key arithmetic skills
  • Problem solving


Continuing to develop understanding of tenses


As part of our unit on Illusion Art, pupils will discover more about …

  • Perspectives
  • Realism/distortion
  • Foreshortening
  • trompe l’oeil
  • Optical art


As part of our units in Music, children will learn about …

  • Samba and Carnival Sounds
  • Songs of WW2
  • Looping and Remixing

Science Sub Units


As part of our unit on Light, pupils will …  

  • Learn how we see light
  • Reflecting light
  • Refraction
  • Spectrums
  • Seeing colour
  • Shadows


As part of our unit on Electricity, pupils will…

  • Circuits and symbols
  • Volts
  • Phizzi Science Unit


Tuesday and Friday (Athletics and Rounders)

Please send your child to school in their PE kits on these days


Why is pilgrimage important to some religious believers?

Kingdom of God – What kind of a King is Jesus?


Data: Spreadsheets

Creating and Publishing: Using Microsoft Publisher and creating posters


Understanding how money matters.



Useful Information

As part of our school policy, children are encouraged to ‘Enjoy Learning Together at Home’ and learning opportunity grids can be found on the website for you to be able to download or print yourselves. These include a list of suggested ways that you may choose to support your child at home. Updates will be made each term and put on the Tigers Class website page for your information.

Please encourage your child to practise their times-tables regularly as this will help them in many areas of mathematical learning.  Please contact us if you require the TTRockstars login details to be sent home again.

Reading enables children to immerse themselves in a story and opens their world up to a wealth of knowledge beyond belief.  Encourage your child to read regularly by themselves but also to enjoy sharing a book, magazine or newspaper with an adult. Also, remember that poetry introduces children to a great range of language features which can inspire them to use new vocabulary in their own writing.  Whatever you are reading, talk about the content, ask questions and encourage your child to explain and prove their responses using evidence from the text.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

Mrs Gardiner


Weekly Routines

During the spring term, PE take place on a Tuesday and Friday. On a Tuesday, PE will be led by Rob Mason (our external provider from Harrogate Town AFC) and on a Friday led by the class teacher. Please ensure that your child comes to school in full PE kit appropriate for the activity and weather.

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school every day and where possible brings their own hand sanitiser.


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