North Rigton Year Five and Six

Teaching Staff

Mrs Storey – the main class teacher whose passion is for successful, motivational, and enjoyable Year 5 and 6 teaching and learning.

Mrs Linda Hudson – a supremely experienced and exceptionally skilled HLTA working 5 sessions per week within our classroom.

Mrs Jo Butler – sharing her inspirational RE teaching expertise every Wednesday and providing individual pupil support

Mr Matt Rodrigues –delivering groupwork initiatives and providing individual pupil support for two mornings per week





School Theme We are Explorers: lead History and Geography linked curriculum theme

“You can’t win a war any more than you can win an earthquake.”
We will
Learn about, explore, compare, contrast, and critique the causes, impact, events and consequences of World War and a range of wild weathers and natural disasters.
  • We will consider the human and physical causes and effects, think about prevention and support/aid. Compassion and empathy are key underpinning themes.
During this project, children will develop their key skills as historians and geographers whilst having developmental opportunities to
Grow focus upon recognising, recalling, describing, listing the facts: who, what, where, when, events and appearances
Blossom focus upon analysing, examining methodically and in detail, comparing, contrasting, making links, understanding different perspectives, applying understanding and having reasoned opinions
Flourish focuses upon synthesising understanding of the human and physical dimensions of devastation; critically comparing using a wider range of inputs; raising further questions and exploring independently; making wider links; creativity in approach and extended justification of findings and opinions.
The project will finish with an interactive Final Flourish event for parents.
Writing: (Explore, draft, write, feedback, edit, improve, proofread, submit)
·           Initial Poetry: powerful vocabulary, edit and improve
·           A very alternative traditional tale – unpicking the stereotypes and writer’s toolkit: use and apply conjunctions, adjectives, synonyms, adverbials, and varied sentence structure
·           Evacuee Letters home (linked to We Are Explorers Theme)
·           Persuasive letter to Santa
·           Handwriting Masterclass
Reading, Reading Comprehension and Guided Reading:
Skim and scan; read with expression and fluency; decode unfamiliar words; sequence events; true and false /fact and opinion; with reference to the text.
Read and review fiction and non-fiction
Grammar and Punctuation:
Intro to 8 parts of speech and 13 forms of punctuation; adverbs /adverbials; conjunctives- coordinating and subordinating; nouns (4 types); verbs, tenses and appropriate verb form and tense selection; active and passive; speech marks all rules, direct and reported speech; colon, semi colon and commas for clauses.
Read Write Inc Year 5 programme and Year3,4,5,6 National curriculum words
This term the focus is upon Arithmetic and how to do procedural Maths. At the same time, we aim to develop conceptual understanding, reinforced by practice in using and applying, reasoning, problem solving, to ensure Challenge and Mastery for ALL.
Key areas : place value to 1 million including decimals; greater and smaller and ordering larger numbers/decimal numbers; x and÷ by 10.100 and 1000; standard column addition and subtraction; problem solving and multistep problems; standard methods for basic short division and multiplication;  algorithms for standard long multiplication and division; fractions –  of number, equivalent, mixed numbers and improper  fractions and how to convert; add, subtract , multiply and divide fractions; fractions,  decimals and percentages and their equivalence; calculating percentages of amounts; properties of 2D shape including a range of quadrilaterals; triangles and angles; Roman Numerals; negative numbers; averages – range and mean.
Electricity and Changing Circuits
Changing state: Solids, Liquids and Gases, Reversible and Irreversible Changes
Artwork linked to We are Explorers including Blitz skylines
Danish Longball – Mrs Storey; Dance – Mrs McIntosh
Netball – Mrs Storey; Football Mrs McIntosh
Using ICT: Touch typing
Creating and Publishing: using a full range of features in Word
E-Safety and Effective Internet use
Religious Education
What does it mean if God is holy and loving?
Was Jesus the Messiah?
Personal, Social and Health Education
What makes a community?
Rights and Responsibilities- what are human rights? what is discrimination?


Useful Information

Weekly Routines

During the autumn term, PE will normally be on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Please ensure that your child comes to school in full PE kit appropriate for the activity and weather. Currently, most PE will be taught on the field, so please bring waterproofs and warmer PE clothing wherever possible.

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school every day and where possible brings their own hand sanitiser.

Please continue not send your child to school if they are displaying any signs and symptoms of Covid


Aspirational Reading Targets

Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes on school nights each school week.

A range of texts is fully appropriate to support your child’s development- including newspapers, books, magazines, Kindles.

Please ask open questions about content and word choices – encourage use of PPE – point, evidence, explanation.


Useful Documents

Years 5 and 6 Curriculum Plans Autumn 2021

Maths Yearly Overview


Knowledge Organisers to support this term’s We are Explorers and Science:

Electricity to use


Properties and Changes of Materials

WW2 Knowledge organiser



WW2 Knowledge organiser

Natural disasters KO



Please use your child/children’s subscription to SumDog.

This is fun, educational, interactive, and personalised – and will benefit you child/children no end in their Maths, Grammar and Punctuation and Spellings. I will set differentiated challenge tasks throughout the Year using this superb resource in all three subject areas.